Top 8 Christian wedding gifts to bless the happy couple

We love weddings! They are a beautiful testament to God’s love and grace, bringing two souls together in holy matrimony. We think about our own wedding day with so much joy and gratitude, and are always touched when we have the chance to witness the same love and commitment in the weddings of others. Each ceremony reminds us of the blessings that come from a faith-filled marriage and the joy that grows from a life shared in Christ.

My favorite picture from our wedding
Our own wedding day was so special, and we love witnessing that joy in others.

The challenge of choosing the right wedding gift

As we gather to celebrate the weddings of dear friends and family members this upcoming wedding season, finding the perfect gift that reflects our faith and love for the happy couple can be a challenging task. We want our gifts to embody the spiritual significance of the occasion and convey our heartfelt blessings. That's why we are thrilled to have recently found Catholic Faith Store and Heartland Store, who share our passion for faith and tradition. These wonderful stores offer a variety of meaningful and spiritually enriching gifts that are perfect for Christian weddings.

Blessings for the newlyweds

We have gathered a list of our top 8 Christian wedding gifts that will surely bring blessings to the newlyweds. Each gift idea is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the sacredness of marriage and the joy of this divine union. Stay tuned as we share these special gift ideas, each one a perfect way to celebrate and support the happy couple on their wedding day and beyond.

1. Wedding Crosses

There's something incredibly special about a wedding wall cross that captures the essence of a new beginning. Not only is it a beautiful symbol of the couple's commitment to Christ and to each other, but it also becomes a cherished part of their home decor. Here you can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to find one that truly reflects the couple’s personality and taste. Some of these wall crosses can even be personalized, making your gift as unique as the love they share.

2. Lasso Wedding Rosaries

Lasso rosaries are a beautiful and meaningful addition to any wedding ceremony. This symbolic sacramental is used during the ceremony to bind the couple’s lives together in the eyes of Christ. The rosary features two large loops—one placed around the groom’s shoulders and the other around the bride’s, symbolizing their unity and devotion. Available from the Catholic Faith Store, these lasso rosaries are intricately crafted and make a cherished keepsake. After the wedding, they can be used in the couple's daily prayers, serving as a constant reminder of their vows and the strength of their spiritual bond.

Pearl Lasso Wedding Rosary

3. Wedding Cards

A heartfelt wedding card is a wonderful way to express your joy and blessings for the couple on their special day. The Catholic Faith Store offers a beautiful selection of wedding cards, each thoughtfully designed with messages that convey love, faith, and best wishes. Each card is a touching way to share your heartfelt sentiments and Scripture with the newlyweds.

4. Wedding Arras

Wedding arras, or unity coins, are a beautiful and symbolic tradition in many wedding ceremonies, especially among Hispanic couples. These 13 coins are blessed by a priest and presented during the ceremony, with the groom offering them to his bride as a promise to always provide for her. The arras symbolize prosperity and the couple's commitment to sharing everything they have. Typically made of silver or gold-colored coins and often placed in a charming treasure chest or box, wedding arras are a touching and meaningful addition to the ceremony.

Wedding Arras

5. Wedding Prints

Moving in together for the first time and decorating a new home is an exciting milestone for any newlywed couple. Adding beautiful, faith-filled decor can make their new space feel truly special. These lovely prints bring a touch of grace and inspiration to any room. Whether displayed in the living room, bedroom, or entryway, these prints will provide daily encouragement and spiritual grounding as the new couple begins their life together.

6. Medal of a Patron Saint of Marriage

Consider gifting the couple a Medal of a Patron Saint of Marriage to provide them with spiritual protection and guidance. The Heartland Store offers beautiful medals of saints like St. Joseph and St. Monica, known for their special intercession in marriage and family life. This thoughtful gift will be a cherished companion throughout their married life, offering inspiration and divine support every step of the way. It's a meaningful way to bless their union and remind them of the powerful spiritual allies they have on their journey together. If you would like to learn more about the patron saints of marriage, we highly recommend you read this article exploring 10 inspiring saints and their special roles in supporting married couples:

7. Christian Dinnerware

Of course, we have to mention our own bestselling product in this lineup! Our Daily Bread dinnerware line is perfect for everyday use and makes a wonderful gift for newlyweds. This 12-piece Dinnerware Case includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 bread & butter plates, featuring Scripture verses from our best-selling Faith, Family & Children, Love, and Praise Collections. Each piece is designed to inspire and uplift during every meal, making this set a meaningful addition to the couple’s new home. Starting their life together, the new couple will need tableware for all their upcoming shared meals together, and this set is a beautiful way to remind them daily of the love and faith that nourish their marriage.

Feed on the Word Christian dinnerware


8. Feed on the Word Gift Cards

If you’re not sure which dinnerware they will need, a Feed on the Word Gift Card is the perfect solution. It allows the happy couple to pick out exactly what they need or want from our range of Scripture-adorned dinnerware. Whether they’re looking for specific styles or additional pieces to complement their collection, a gift card ensures they can select something that truly speaks to them. It’s a flexible and thoughtful way to contribute to their new life together, offering them the joy of choosing gifts that will enrich their home and hearts with faith-inspired beauty.

The most important gift you can give

As you consider these beautiful gift options, we pray they bring immense joy and blessings to the happy couple you’re shopping for. Each item is chosen with love and faith, aiming to enrich their lives and their new home. Remember, beyond any material gift, the greatest blessing you can offer them is your heartfelt prayers. Praying for their happiness, health, and strong bond in Christ is a priceless gift that will support them throughout their marriage. May God bless their union abundantly and guide them as they embark on this wonderful journey together.