The heart behind our mug collection

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If you are looking for a Christian coffee mug, or tea mug, you are at the right place! At Feed on the Word, we are passionate about living out our faith and making it an integral part of everyday life. That’s why we created this beautiful selection of ceramic mugs that carry short inspiring messages from the Bible. Each cup is carefully crafted with Polish porcelain and finished off with a deeply meaningful black printed word/words from the Bible. The stain-resistant material makes these mugs durable; plus, they are both dishwasher and microwave safe! With so much attention given to the quality of the product, you’ll know you’re getting something designed to last for years — an item packed equally full with style and substance! But that isn't even half of what makes this mug collection truly special: It's the heart behind it all.

Introducing our Christian mug collection

As you sit down to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea, let our mug collection remind you of the peace and blessings of your faith. Each mug is beautifully crafted with thoughtfully chosen Bible verses that pay homage to the rich traditions of Christianity. Imagine enjoying your favorite beverage from a beautifully designed and crafted tea mug, reminding you of the love and grace of God every time you take a sip. Our Christian mugs make the perfect addition to any home or office, and they also make great Christian gifts for loved ones who want to bring a little bit of faith into their daily routine.

The message behind every unique design

Every mug in our collection carries a unique message, infused with the wisdom of the Bible. The concise, thoughtfully chosen reminders serve as bite-sized nuggets of divine truth, designed to be easily meditated upon throughout the day. Whether you're savoring your morning coffee, busying yourself with chores like loading the dishwasher, or winding down in the evening with a soothing cup of tea, you will be reminded of the power and promise of God's Word.

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Fill your day with God's words

Our ceramic mugs are designed to give you an opportunity to start or end your day with a moment of reflection on the promises of Christ. These mugs are more than just vessels for your beverages. They are visual and tangible prompts of divine inspiration, encouraging a deeper reflection of your hope in Jesus at different moments of the day. Let these Christian coffee mugs be a reminder of God's presence in every aspect of life, turning each mundane action into a moment of spiritual connection.

More than a mug

What sets our designs apart is the unique blend of practicality, spirituality, and versatility.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, offering you convenience that many other mugs, which are hand wash only, don't. This means less time spent on cleaning and more time for reflection and enjoyment.

Inspirational reminders

Whether filled with coffee, tea, or another favorite beverage of yours, our mugs are suitable for any occasion or mood. But it's more than just a drinkware item. Each mug serves as an everyday reminder of Jesus and His teachings, reinforcing your hope in God each time you take a sip. With inspiring Bible verses that uplift, and encourage, these beautiful ceramic mugs serve as your daily dose of motivation and spiritual connection, making them truly special.

Home decor

In addition to their practical use and spiritual inspiration, these ceramic mugs are so aesthetically pleasing that they can also serve as wonderful pieces of home decor, adding a touch of elegance and faith to your living space.

Sharing our faith with others through mugs

As Christians, we all share the responsibility of spreading the word of God with others. Mugs have always held a special place in our homes and hearts, from drinking hot cocoa by the fireside to sharing coffee conversations with loved ones. With our faith deep-rooted in traditions, incorporating Bible verses on mugs is a great way to make our evangelism efforts more personal and relatable. So let's raise a mug to sharing the gospel with others, one sip at a time.

Choose Life Christian Mug

Gift mugs to your loved ones

Christian mugs can be a wonderful gift idea, providing a personal and practical item that can be appreciated by many. Whether it's for your beloved grandparents, who would cherish a meaningful gift from their dear grandchild, or your sisters or brothers, who would appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of a Bible verse that holds personal meaning. Close friends, and even coworkers would relish in the thought put into selecting a mug that represents your shared faith or contains a Bible verse that solidifies your bond. These Christian mugs are not merely gifts for your loved ones; they are a gentle whisper of your love, care, and shared faith. Every time they see these special Christian coffee mugs, they will serve as a warm reminder of your special relationship, making these mugs a perfect gift to show them your love and appreciation.

Christian gift ideas

The beauty of our mug collection lies in its adaptability as the perfect Christian gift for any family member.


For Grandpa, consider the "Pursue Peace!" mug from our Patriotic collection as a thoughtful gift; its strong, bold design perfectly complements his wisdom and strength. For Grandma, let her drink her morning tea from the "God's Promise" Christian coffee mug, a constant reminder of the faithfulness of God's love.


When it comes to your parents, consider the Daily Bread mug set featuring four different verses. They can use these Christian coffee mugs during family gatherings, serving as a centerpiece of faith-filled conversation.

Daily Bread Christian Mugs


For your brothers, the "Get Wisdom!" mug would be a fitting choice, reminding them of the importance of seeking knowledge, while the "Abundance!" mug, inspired by John 10:10, would be a great gift for your sister, symbolizing blessings and growth. Our hope and prayer is that these words will serve as encouragement to you, and all those around you.


How to choose a mug that speaks to you

The morning ritual is more than just pouring a cup of coffee. It's a quiet moment of reflection, a moment of solitude before beginning a new day. Choosing the perfect coffee mug can set the tone for the entire day. Look for a mug that resonates with your spirit, one that speaks to you and reflects your current meditation on God's Word. Whatever you choose, let it be a vessel for your hopes and dreams, a reminder of your values, and a source of inspiration as you set out to conquer the day.

Encouraging yourself and others with your mug of choice

There's something special about sipping on your favorite beverage out of a cherished mug. It's almost like a hug in a cup, the warm embrace bringing comfort and encouragement. And what better way to spread that joy than by sharing it with those around you? Whether it's a simple "good morning" or an intentional compliment, offering a kind word can bring joy someone's soul more than you might think. And when that act of kindness is accompanied by a mug that holds sentimental value, it's even more powerful. It's a reminder of the faith and traditions that run deep in our lives, and how sharing a small gesture of love can make a big impact. So grab your favorite mug and let's raise a cup to spreading hope, love and encouragement.

Celebrating tradition

There's something special about holding a mug that's been passed down through generations, or one that represents a cherished moment in time. That's the heart behind our Christian mug collection; celebrating tradition and our Christian hope. Each mug holds a story, a memory, a moment frozen in time. As you drink your morning coffee or evening tea, you're reminded of all that's come before you, and all that's yet to come. It's a warm and comforting feeling, one that connects us to our past and our future, and we're honored to be a part of it. So, whether you're starting your own collection or adding to one that's been in your family for years, know that each Feed on the Word mug is crafted with care, and holds a special place in our hearts.

Feed on the Word’s ceramic mug collection is truly special because it not only beautifies your home, but it also connects you to God and gives you the opportunity to spread His Word. Ultimately, it’s the heart behind our mug collection that makes it so meaningful, as it provides an opportunity for everyone to celebrate God's glory together. Whether you use these Christian mugs to grab a cup of coffee with a friend or keep one close as a reminder of God's love, we hope that each design can bring joy and clarity to our fellow believers. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at our inspirational mug collection! As you shop our thoughtfully curated tableware, we pray that the Lord will bless your household with messages from the Bible that will bring you peace and joy.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Psalm 23:5

Are you looking for other Christian gifts?

In addition to our beautifully designed ceramic mugs, we carry a wide range of Christian tableware that can serve as great gifts for your loved ones. Our collection extends to dinner plates, pitchers, bowls, and much more, all of which are inscribed with uplifting Bible verses. Whether you're setting the table for a family dinner or pouring a refreshing drink from one of our pitchers, our tableware brings a touch of divinity to your dining experience. Explore our diverse collection and find the perfect gift that speaks volumes about Jesus' love and grace.