Adorn your home with Scripture — 4 ways to incorporate Christian home decor into your space

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We believe that incorporating Scripture into our daily lives can serve as a powerful reminder of God's love, hope, and peace for us. At Feed on the Word, we want to help make that happen in a creative way — by adorning your home with Scripture! We're excited to share a little inspiration on how to seamlessly decorate your house with Christian home decor. From creative ideas to product recommendations, we're here to help you infuse your surroundings with God's Word.

Infusing Faith into Your Home

Christian home decor is a great way to add a spiritual touch to your home, remind yourself and your family of God's love and promises, and inspire a sense of spirituality and joy in your house.

Benefits of decorating your house with Christian home decor

When you adorn your home with Christian home decor, you add a special touch to your living space. Not only does Christian home decor add beauty to your home, but it also serves as a reminder of God's Word. From wall art to Christian art gifts, there are so many ways to incorporate Scripture into your home. Whether you choose to add a wall sign, a cross, or a collection of Scripture-inspired pieces, we pray you will find joy in adding a spiritual touch to your home.

Adorn your home with Scripture

Four ideas to add Christian home decor to your home

Embracing Christian home decor fosters an environment of faith and spirituality for you and your family. No matter what style you prefer, there is a great selection of quality Christian home decor available out there. Choose from traditional to modern styles and enjoy the calming beauty that Scripture brings your home. In your journey to incorporate more Scriptural pieces into your home, we'd like to share four ideas to get you started.

1. Creative Worship

Invigorate your home and faith journey with self-made art that illuminates the power of Scripture. Creating your own Scripture art can be a form of worship, a time to rest and meditate on God's Word. Whether it's through painting on canvas, carving into wood, or embroidering textiles, the process of creating something by your own hands reflects God's creative spirit within you. It's a personal, meaningful way to honor God in your home and life. Surround yourself with the fruits of your creativity, tangible reminders of God's love and promise.

2. Strategic Scripture

Print out and laminate your favorite Bible verses and strategically place them where you spend significant time. Imagine seeing encouraging words over the sink as you tackle dishes or on your bathroom mirror as you start your day. These verses will uplift and remind you of the spiritual journey you're on.

3. Support small Christian businesses

By purchasing Scripture-embellished products from small Christian companies, you are not only adorning your home with faith-filled decor but also supporting the endeavors of devout artisans and craftsmen. These businesses offer a wide range of items, from candles inscribed with Bible verses to stickers, prints, and so much more. Each product is made with love and devotion, embodying the essence of faith in every design. Engaging with these small Christian businesses allows you to contribute to their mission of spreading God's Word while adding a sacred touch to your home.

Below are some of our highly recommended online shops from which you can purchase exceptional Christian home decor:

House of Joppa

Theology of Home

Corda Candles

Be a Heart

The Daily Grace Co.

4. Feed on the Word dinnerware

As a company dedicated to Christian tableware, we are delighted to present our unique collection of dinnerware embellished with beautifully crafted Bible verses. At Feed on the Word, our mission is to bring God's Word to your dinner tables, transforming every meal into a moment of reflection, gratitude, and divine connection. As you share meals with your loved ones, we pray our dinnerware serves as a joyful reminder and reflection of God's Word, enriching your dining experience.

Christian Dinnerware

Harmonizing home and faith

Incorporating Christian home decor into your space is a powerful way to nurture your faith and create a peaceful, meaningful environment. Whether you choose to display inspiring art, personalize your space with DIY projects, or embrace our Feed on the Word dinnerware, we pray that every step you take will bring you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. As you infuse your living spaces with the promises, love, and guidance found in Scripture, may your home radiate with the light of faith, reminding you and your loved ones of the eternal truths that anchor your lives.